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Export department training in our forklift factory


    To strengthen the market expansion of JAC forklift, also to provide high quality forklift products and service to customers all over the world, export sales staff went to our forklift factory for study and training on March 26th, 2015.
     Our factory workmates made systemic training of JAC electric forklift and fuel forklift to us, which gave us a more profound understanding of JAC forklifts’ feature,market position,optional configurations and so on. We did gain a lot of profit from this training.

     After the training, we went to the loading ground to see the whole loading process. Operators did their work slowly and carefully, fastened goods with professional way and tools in the container, which ensured zero harm and secure status of the goods, therefore resulted in forklift products in good condition being received even after long sea transportation.

      With the company vision “Better Products, Better world”, we would like to pay close attention to every step of export, deal with every customer respectfully by providing better products and service.

                                              Author: Victor Fang   Photography: Lily Li


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