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Anhui JAC International Co., Ltd
Organization and Function Division
Import department is responsible for the import business and technology introduction
The general manager presides the company’s operation and management work, and has the directly leadership authority of each department.
General management department is responsible for integrated planning, rules and regulations enactment and appraisal, annual examination of company business license, certificate of organization code certificate, commodity inspection and customs, and daily office works.
Export department is responsible for JAC group’s products (mainly automotive spare parts) and other export within the permission of business license and overseas relative investment work.
Domestic  sales  of Chilean   red   wine  and Anhui   general   agency distribution   of   Taiwan white   Spirit;  New   wine importation, new  market development   and sales as well as other related wine business.
Financial department is responsible for all involved in financial budget and final accounts and other accounting work.
Import Department
Export Department
General Management Department
Finance Department
Wine sales department


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